Teen Magazines...


Hi again, Carmen. I've been finding lately that all the teen magazines in the stores are just full of flirting tips and sexy clothing advertisements. Do you know of any magazines for teen girls that embrace Christian values?




Dear Courtney,

I am so very sorry that it has taken me so long to send you a response! I had misplaced this email long ago and just before Christmas I found it again!

So, here goes!

There are not many magazines that I’m aware of personally. I know that Focus on the Family carries a magazine for teen girls called Brio. I believe it would be reliable for modesty and promoting Christian virtues. There is also Brio and Beyond, a magazine for girls sixteen and older. Again, I believe these magazines offer up-to-date, informative, interesting articles on relevant issues to teens.

To find out more about Brio and Brio and Beyond go to http://www.briomag.com.

Also, I encourage anyone else reading this question on Q&A to submit me some more ideas on reliable magazines for teen girls.

Thanks again for the great question, Courtney.

In His Most Holy Name,

Carmen Marcoux