Natural Family Planning: low divorce rate statistic...


Dear Carmen,

Thank you sincerely for your book. It is an excellent read. I am from a Catholic family of 6 and could relate so well with the Collins family. Ten years ago I was a student at the U of S and I enjoyed the walk back in time. This book will be a great help to parents and young people alike as they seek to follow Christ's will for their lives. I am promoting it everywhere that I can.

My husband and I started learning the Serena method of NFP 5 years ago after we were engaged. We have one beautiful daughter and are expecting our second child. What an awesome miracle!

NFP has been a tremendous blessing in our marriage and we take every opportunity to share our experience with other couples/young people, especially those discerning marriage. Every year we speak at a marriage preparation weekend and so we are always looking for great material.

In your book, you state a statistic for marriages that stay together and divorce with those that use NFP having a less than 5% divorce rate. (page 323.) Can you please direct me to your source for this stat.

Thank you sincerely. May God Bless You. I look forward to your next book.





Dear Sandra,

Thank you so much for your email. It is always encouraging to receive such a positive response to my novel. It is also exciting to touch base with people who are actively involved in promoting the truth in various areas of our Church and society. We need couples involved in the ministry of marriage preparation who can communicate the truth about contraception and the beauty of NFP to young couples.

It seems to me one source I've heard/read the statistic to which I referred was Janet Smith, Ph.D's audio tape entitled "Contraception, Why Not?" – an excellent resource which you can locate through One More Soul. Here in Canada you can go to and follow the links to the On-line Catalogue and Natural Family Planning. (It's a ways down, so keep looking.) There's a video and audio version. They make it available in bulk discount prices – just 'cause it's so good. Some Serena organizations make it available as a freebie for couples who come for instruction or at marriage prep classes.

You can also check out the head website for One More Soul in the USA at They have some excellent resources available through them – including some free downloads.

I snooped around the site until I found this link:, with an article entitled "Why Use Natural Family Planning".

Under the heading, NFP contributes to the health and welfare of the marriage, it states:

Sex that does not accept the fullness of the other can easily become self-directed, reducing sex to a matter of self-indulgence and physical gratification, so much so that it becomes a wedge instead of a bond. Perhaps this is why divorce rates for NFP users are between 1/10 and 1/25 of the overall divorce rate in the United States in the 90s. Indeed, a study conducted by the Family of Americas Foundation found only 16 women ever divorced among 505 NFP users, a rate of 3.6%!

I've come across this statistic before from other sources – but I can't remember all the resources where you might find it. But certainly from One More Soul, if you had any other questions regarding this stat, they could direct you!

Where did you hear about Arms of Love? It's always fascinating to me to know how this book is getting around! As a home-schooling mother of six, my marketing opportunities are quite limited! It's always encouraging to know that the Holy Spirit is keeping Arms of Love moving! Praise be to God!

I wish you, your husband and your little girl all the very best as you wait upon the arrival of your next miracle! We remember our readers each day in our prayers. I ask that you might remember me, my family and this ministry of promoting purity in your prayers as well.

In His Most Holy Name,