Meeting Mr. Right...


What if I miss out on meeting Mr. Right?!?





I like the way Kimberly Hahn addresses this in her tape series, Courtship and Dating: a Catholic Perspective.

The best way to find Mr. Right is to stop looking for him!! Our tendency, though, is to walk around with hands covering our eyes . . . and we’re constantly peeking out!

But the truth is: It just isn’t possible to miss out on meeting “your future” because you went to the laundry mat instead of the library!

The idea of surrendering your life under Christ’s authority and handing over your “dating years” to Him is not easy . . . but it is possible and people out there are doing it!! And those people are reaping the benefits. They have discovered all sorts of treasures that God had in store for them that they would never have noticed if they had been pre-occupied with dating.

We need to trust that God has a perfect plan for our lives!

He has a perfect plan for you!!

Trust God to bring that perfect someone into your life WHEN YOU ARE READY FOR MARRIAGE.

As Josh Harris suggests in his book, I Kissed Dating Goodbye, don't spend your time feeling sorry for yourself if you are single. The tendency is to say: “God, look what I’m giving up for you!”

The reality is: "God, look what a gift you’ve given to me!" It’s the gift of your singleness . . . DON’T MISS OUT ON IT! Because that is something you would someday regret!

In Christ,