Knowing what you're looking for in a spouse...


How can you know what you’re looking for in a husband or wife until you’ve dated a few people?





I believe dating harms a young person’s objectivity, because there is no direction or purpose to it. It confuses young people about what they really like or dislike in a partner because they are all caught up in the emotions, the physical attraction, etc.

If you want to know what you want in a husband or a wife than use the God-given resources about you:

Look to the relationships you have:
For a boy: Has God blessed you with a mother, sisters, aunts, female cousins, friends that are girls?
For a girl: Has God blessed you with a father, brothers, uncles, male cousins, friends that are boys?

You can learn a great deal from family life (sharing, conflict resolution, how to deal with anger and frustration, etc.).

By watching how members of the opposite sex around you cope and deal with these things, you’ll come to see qualities you admire and others you don’t. AND Cultivating TRUE FRIENDSHIP within groups, or even one-on-one, will teach you more about qualities you are looking for in a spouse than the emotional confusion of a dating relationship.

In Christ,