Courtship Vs. Dating...


My name is Steve and I am interested in a girl at my church. I have talked with her about dating and have thought about courtship but don't know much about it. I was wondering if you could inform me of the specifics and differences compared to dating...




Dear Steve,

Thanks for your question. I think it is wonderful that you are taking the initiative to discover about courtship at the early stages of this relationship. I have been very busy lately, and I don’t think I could get around to writing an adequate answer to this question in the near future. I wanted to respond to you, though, as quickly as possible. So, instead of making you wait on my time schedule, I thought I should write to you and point you to some helpful information and resources regarding courtship.

Josh Harris’ books, I Kissed Dating Goodbye and Boy Meets Girl: Say Hello to Courtship.
My novel, Arms of Love, which you can order on-line off this website. I honestly have never seen two better resources for communicating to young people why they should consider giving up dating and waiting for courtship.

Josh Harris’ books are filled with wonderful and practical ideas on how to approach courtship and they help us to understand how dating is not part of God’s plan for us for romance. Josh’s books help to keep a practical perspective on things and are a great source of advice, hope and encouragement. For more info you can go to His books are available in most Christian book stores.

Arms of Love is a completely unique resource. It is a novel: the fictional account of a young couple striving to live out chastity in a courtship relationship. As such, it has been a very powerful source of inspiration for both men and women, young and old. I’ve heard from so many men and women who said it completely changed their outlook on life, faith, and romance. After reading Arms of Love they were completely committed to the ideals of courtship and were willing to part with the dating mentality so prevalent in our society. That is the work of the Holy Spirit – but, beyond a doubt, the Holy Spirit has been working through the humble instrument of this novel to bring hearts to Jesus and in line with His teachings.

I hope that this information is helpful to you. If you are interested in getting Arms of Love, I’d be more than happy to get a copy out to you. Let me know to whom you would like it dedicated (even if it’s yourself) and I’ll sign it for you.

May God bless you as you discern His will for your life. If He is calling you to marriage may you enjoy the beauty of a holy, happy, God-glorifying romance both in courtship and in marriage!

We remember our readers each day in our prayers. I would ask that you remember me, my family and this ministry of promoting purity in your prayers as well.

In His Most Holy Name,